Shatzkin Systems has built operational workflows that have stood the test of time. The documentation of the processes provided paved the road for smooth transitions for both system upgrades and major organizational growth. Shatzkin Systems has helped us strategize and apply updates, building on the existing workflows, to accommodate these changes.
— Management Services Organization Chief Administrative Officer - Client 10+ years
  • Assessment of current processes through interviews of business leaders and line staff
  • Identification of opportunities for operational efficiencies
  • Workflow development that includes built in monitoring and ensures every decision point has a solution
  • Development of monitoring and auditing tools to track adherence to processes

Process Engineering & Workflow Design

Health Information Exchange

  • Definition of data interfaces
  • Manage system and data integrations
  • Perform data validation to ensure data integrity, system to system
  • Provide guidance on data governance
  • Patient identity management

  • Evaluation of current systems
  • Identification of opportunities for system efficiencies, system consolidation and/or replacement 

Information Systems Strategic Planning

System Implementation Support & Vendor Management

  • Assessment of need through interviews of business leaders and line staff
  • Vendor evaluation and selection
  • Vendor contracting with attention to potential pitfalls due to lack of specificity
  • Workflow analysis to integrate system to business process
  • System setup/design to meet business needs
  • Training and training material development
  • Go-live support
  • Report development

Project Management

  • Definition of project timelines and tracking progress against targets
  • Definition of processes to ensure thorough agendas and maximize meeting effectiveness
  • Meeting management
  • Provide comprehensive meeting minutes with detailed tasks for action between meetings

  • Staff mentoring and development
  • Interim staff management
  • Post merger integration and restructuring

Other Services